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The Wilkinson Group excels in providing Vending Management Services to small, medium and large businesses including large corporations. As your business changes, the refreshment needs of your business also change. At The Wilkinson Group, we manage these changes so that your management team can focus on the core needs of your organization. We’ve guided clients as they’ve grown into manual food service operations, and we’ve also helped clients transition from corporate dining to full-line automated food service – all with minimal disruption to the employees and management.

“The Wilkinson Group worked very effectively with our Employee Recreation Association to identify our objectives for the vending program, and designed the services and Request For Proposal accordingly. When the vendor selection was complete, The Wilkinson Group coordinated the installation of services; and has continued to protect our interests by regularly monitoring the vending company’s services and commission payments. In fact, The Wilkinson Group was even instrumental in identifying a significant short payment of commission income from our previous vending company—and in effecting a full collection for us.”

- Aeronautical Contractor

“As clearly beneficial as The Wilkinson Group’s involvement was in updating and improving our vending services. Their ongoing involvement has been equally valuable. Their Performance Appraisal reports on the services of our vendor enable us to periodically re-confirm the current validity of our past decisions, and provide a vehicle for keeping our services current with changes in both our company and the vending industry.”

- Manufacturing Company

“When we engaged The Wilkinson Group it was because we knew we needed to improve the equipment and services for our employees and that they could facilitate the project’s success. But, frankly, we were skeptical when The Wilkinson Group gave us what they termed a “conservative” projection for the potential increase in commission income—without increasing the vend prices. The Wilkinson Group streamlined our RFP process by pre-qualifying the best vending companies in our area to invite to the bid; and when it was completed, we had greatly improved and expanded services with a few key price reductions, and our income was increased by well more than had been projected.”

Government Ship Repair Contractor

“Our agenda for the vending and coffee services is very simple… we want our employees to have the best quality that is available. When we convert from project development to full scale production our staff doubles, and we go to a six or seven day work week that includes three shifts. As the primary source of refreshments for our employees, the demands on the vending and coffee services increases dramatically, and we need a supplier that can adjust to our fluctuating needs smoothly and without sacrificing quality. The Wilkinson Group’s service design and competitive Request For Proposal process was instrumental in achieving our objectives for the refreshment services, and their Performance Appraisals identify any opportunities for improvement or service expansion that is appropriate for our vendor over time.”

- Film Animation Studio