Hospital and Medical

The Wilkinson Group has vast experience in servicing vending machine clients in the hospital and medical industry. From direct care facilities, such as medical centers and hospitals to research facilities to medical support operations and health care networks, we have experience in designing, implementing and managing refreshment services for clients in the medical industry.

“Our corporate offices and two satellite facilities employ nearly 2000 people. To serve them we previously used three different suppliers to operate a cafeteria, vending services and office coffee services. The Wilkinson Group reconfigured the services for award under a single contract to a new provider; improved the quality of services in all areas, (including some selective pricing reductions), and improved our financial position by nearly $400,000 over the course of the new contract. Additionally, The Wilkinson Group’s creative cost structure allowed us to undertake this project a year sooner than would have been possible if we’d had to budget for it.”

- Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

“The Wilkinson Group‘s redesign of services and management of a competitive bid process dramatically upgraded the equipment and service standards for the vending services at our facilities. Additionally, as a direct result of The Wilkinson Group’s involvement, the vending sales through our new operator are up 253% from those reported by our previous vendor, and the income returned is up over 300%.”

- Regional Medical Center

“We previously had a variety of different vending operators serving nine hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. The Wilkinson Group conducted a feasibility study to determine the possibility and potential benefit of consolidating all of our vending services under a single contract with one provider; and, thereafter, managed a Request For Proposal process to capture the benefits identified. The result has been the implementation of uniform service, pricing and income standards; new equipment; expanded services; and a guaranteed dollar return that is significantly greater than our previous earnings.”

- Health Network