Services Management

The Wilkinson Group is more than just a provider of vending machines and equipment. We are specialists in Vending Management Services! After implementation of new service designs and upgrades, The Wilkinson Group converts its client representation to activities consistent with the on-going maintenance of the relationship with the operator. This includes:

  • Monthly monitoring of the operator’s financial performance, (whether commission reporting and payment, cost control, or a combination).
  • Periodic Performance Appraisals with Client to monitor the operator’s service performance; and, follow-up on any action reports for the operator that are generated there from.
  • Continual monitoring of new equipment and product developments for their application to the needs of each client, with recommendations as appropriate.
  • Continual availability to serve as the client’s advocate with regard to any service issues that may arise during the course of any operator’s contract term.
  • Periodic analysis of the operator’s financial performance and trends.