Public Facilities

The Wilkinson Group is a expert Vending Machine Management Services company with experience supporting and operating in Public Facilities. With the diversity of the entertainment and recreation industries, it is imperative that your company’s refreshment needs be tailored to your specific needs. With our experience in providing vending management services  since 1994, The Wilkinson Group has the knowledge and resources necessary to enable you to provide the very best services possible for you employees, visitors, and guests.

“As operators of public skating rinks across the United States we rely on vending machines to serve our customers and to generate revenues. The Wilkinson Group designs the equipment and service arrangement that will maximize both, and then installs the vending operator in facility around the country that has the best operational standards. The Wilkinson Group’s involvement has improved services and increased our income by 75%. Furthermore, since vending services are a cash business, The Wilkinson Group’s knowledgeable supervision of the vendors’ commission income reporting continues to protect our financial interests.”

- Public Ice Skating Facilities

“Before The Wilkinson Group’s involvement, we thought that our remote location was a limiting factor in contracting quality refreshment services. The Wilkinson Group negotiated improvements with our current catering truck supplier, and completely restructured our vending services for award to a company with far superior standards than we had been accustomed to. The following year, The Wilkinson Group designed an additional expansion of vending services that allowed us to eliminate the catering truck completely, and services have never been better.”

- Regional Zoo