The Wilkinson Group has vast experience in servicing vending machine contracts for government agencies as well as government contractors. As such, we are uniquely qualified to manage the vending services at your government or government-contracted facility.

“As Administrative Officer, my planning and acquisition responsibilities for the new Headquarters encompassed everything from carpet and furniture to advanced communication systems—and included employee break room services. The Wilkinson Group’s assumption of the vending service oversight and management was a tremendous relief. They worked with the building contractor to design the ideal vending service configuration, coordinated with another government agency to ensure compliance with applicable federal requirements, and then managed the Request for Proposal and vendor selection process. After vendor selection, The Wilkinson Group supervised the vendor’s installation of the equipment just prior to our taking occupancy. The Wilkinson Group’s involvement enabled me to devote the requisite time to the many other details, while remaining confident that the vending service transition was being managed professionally.”

Federal Government Agency

“The Wilkinson Group has proven to be a unique, extremely knowledgeable, and highly valuable resource for the District. Their detailed and professional approach, coupled with their depth of specific industry knowledge, has been greatly informative and beneficial regarding past and present vending contracts, and has contributed significantly to a revised view/structure for all future contracts. Every responsible organization that wishes to protect and optimize their financial interests and returns from vending service contracts should afford themselves the opportunity to meet and work with The Wilkinson Group.”

- Community College District