Top Questions

Why do I need a vending management company?

We’re not sure you do!! Until we are able to define your refreshment service objectives, and then analyze your current services to see how they stack up to your defined objectives, we won’t know that your company can benefit from managed refreshment services.

How do you define our refreshment service objectives?

In the course of our initial interview, our process enables us to clearly define your refreshment service objectives. This means that while we may identify and “put to ink” your objectives, it is actually you that defines your objectives. Once we know your objectives; or, “where you want to be”, we can develop a plan to make it happen.

OK, so now that we have our defined objectives, how do you help us “make it happen”.

Sort of like when mapping a route, while defining your objectives gives us a destination, we need to determine an accurate starting point before we can map the route, so our comprehensive analysis of your vending services allows us to determine the starting point.

So how do I get from where I am to where I need to be?

That depends on what the analysis reveals. Remember, the analysis process is the act of defining the present state of services. Once that is identified, we can “map out” how to get to where you need to be (as defined by your objectives).

Does TWG always recommend a RFP to achieve the desired results?

No, we may be able to achieve your objectives in a number of ways. The RFP process is simply one method. We can also negotiate with the present operator (when circumstances permit), or we can direct award to a qualified operator – depending on the specific situation and your objectives.

Who composes the RFP if one is required in order to achieve our objectives?

TWG will compose and submit an RFP for your approval prior to sending it out to vending operators that your company pre-approves. Thereafter, we manage the RFP process and provide you with our Recommendation for Selection.

Who handles any vendor or services transition upon conclusion of the RFP Process?

TWG handles all transition management.

How does TWG manage our vending services once we are “pointed in the right direction”?

Our management services continue as we ensure compliance with the terms defining the vending services – the specific terms that, when adhered to, will allow your company to achieve it’s defined objectives!